First Sketchbook of 2022

January 20, 2022


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The cover that I decorated this week live on stream. This sketchbook is 8.5x5.5 and I made it with unused printer paper sitting around my office, and with pizza box cardboard, then I added actual chip board outside of that to make a nice thick cover. I used a tan construction paper to wrap the outside of the cover and then painted and drew on it. Then the whole thing was covered in modge podge for a smooth and protective clear coat.

A couple pages already doodled on since finishing my 9th sketchbook of 2021. Even though this book's cover wasn't done - which I don't like to start using a sketchbook till the cover is decorated/ personalized -  I needed somewhere else to draw, and had this crisp new book bound and covered ready to roll. So I did things a bit out of order. But ah well! In sketchbooks there really are no rules.

Requests and Commissions are what pays, but a sketchbook is where the artist plays.

How many sketchbooks will I fill this year? I'm going to take my time, enjoy the sketch booking and we'll see what I end up with!

What size sketchbook do you like to use? What type?  Show off yours or tell me about your sketchbooks by posting in the comments below!

Happy drawing in 2022! 

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