Thank You For A Great 2022 Drawing Requests

December 29, 2022


#drawing #inkscape #newyear #2022 #chibi #gamergirl #rocker #battle #centipede #hammer 

Thank you for a great final Drawing Request Show stream for 2022! We drew around 17 drawing requests, and streamed for 7.5 hours! The last Sauce Boss of 2022 was Hairfoot, and the final request of the year was for CocoKicks, of her OC avatar emerging from a GameBoy - wicked!

Thank you to everyone who came out, watched and took interest in my drawing, and my Twitch stream in 2022. I'm always very thankful to be an independent artist for a living, and I could not do it without the enthusiasm, encouragement and support of the crEW!

All art sent, masterlist updated and 2022 is officially a wrap. See you next year!!! Same drawing time, and same drawing channel!

Thank you! Sincerely,  Eryck, Kiwii, Chico, MooBot and the Hat. 

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