Finished Streaming TnC Inks

April 30, 2014

#livestream +Livestream @livestream #stream @picarto #picarto Well thanks to those who came out to view the live streams. Cause you won't be able to see the recorded videos I attempted to make. The setting to 'save recording to desktop' also didnt work apparently so its not even on my computer. yet when I open procaster, its set to do so.
Well anyways...finished TnC inks. Part 1 video that was an hour 15 min didn't encode right on the Livestream server so when you play it just sits there blank. Thats their mess up. Part 2 featuring 2 hours i did after lunch didnt save at all even though i said save it. Good job Livestream server! - gee, wonder why i started using Picarto for my streams... lets see. No ads, crisp clarity even full screen, and though I dont see a way to record at this time, it provides unlimited streaming and straight forward interface without ads that try to trick you to download stuff or pop ups. Hmm... and Livestreams lowest tier paid plan is like 100 bucks isnt it? Why would you pay that for their crappy service? Seriously. Guess I'll wait a month till I forget how bad it is again and then use it and then get reminded. Like I did today. Good show, good show. My live streaming will stick with Picarto thank you very much. All they have to watch out for is neko and furry arts. And at least they are predictable.
Wonder if Stanley Lau has any of these issues with his streams?

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