First Live Sketch Request Night A Wrap

April 11, 2014

Hulk gave the command to start the commissions! This was done while waiting for folks to grab seats and get ready for the event to kick off etc!

Pleased to say tonights first 'BW Live Sketch Request Night' was a success! Thanks to the folks who came out, slapped down $20 bucks and saw 20-30 min drawz of their requests! They were all fun and excited to say ALMOST got them all in under the time frame. But two were  done outside the event the next day. Started with warming up before the event kicked off with the hulk pic above! Then was on to the requests in order of received!
A creepy carnival type character kicked off the event.

Next was a anime heroine - I enjoy mixing anime looks with my own style and usualy something kinda neat comes out
Fun one the client called 'Cobras JoeBusters' is a ghost buster OC defected to Cobra! So free reign on this one with some specific requests on the hair and dress but other than that a free reign design for me.

With about an hour left in the event I was out of requests so doodled for a bit while sippin on some coffee. A TNC homage with an attempt at emulating calvin and hobbes came out! Shot this one over to cory since I had it.
A second order since there was no other ones, breaking my 'one per person tonight' rule but rather draw than waste viewers time :) So another anime character I tried infusing with my own style and agian, interesing what comes out.

Maybe inspired by the What The FarF goof, Cory tossed a request at me for a 'my style' non TnC style of TnC's 'Colby' - hes lookin like a G!

Final order of the night, a rendition of Witty's 'Victory' lookin strong and capable but o' so elegant as well. Fun one to finish out on!
The first order I did after the fact, Ghostbusting 50s house wife
And the final order in this live sketch event - Pison for gijoespouse! Thx so much!

The event went real well and theres little things here and there i'd change for next time but all in all, no stream problems from picarto and the internet connectionz, had some good trip hop playin and was overall a very nice evening of casual 'next up!' and just loose drawing. Some look like they were tight and a couple I got too ' perfection' oriented but all of them are loose sketchy and except for some underlying guides are almost completely drawn in what i use as 'inks'. Fun stuff! Will definitely do another live request event again! Maybe next month? Who knows!

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