Throw Back - Corvette girls 1999

April 17, 2014

#throwbackthursday #tbt #art #comics #sketchbook
Every Thursday I enjoy seeing other pages posting 'Throwback Thursday' nostalgia - well I thought 'hey i can do that' - as I have all the art i've ever had on my computer all the way back to like 2005 or earlier. Infact the earliest FOLDER is marked 'Pre 2007' so theres like 10 years just in that one folder. Then after that I made a new folder every year. Well heres an OLDIE!
Was colored with prisma color markers I used to own (i really dont know where they went....) and ol' micron pen probably. This is a sketch from an 11x14 sketchbook and looks like was done in 1999! Holy archives batman! Not too shabby. Haha - this was back when whether something came out well or not was completely hit or miss. I was drawing all the time back then, and in my highshool's 'Anime Club' where basicaly me and buncha other anime fans and comic geeks got together every Wednesday and just drew, talked about comics and sometimes had anime playing on a vcr in the bg. This was a very creatively fertile year for me i remember drawing and coloring and filling at least two sketchbooks that year.
I remember I was so proud of this corvette drawing i drew using a pic from a corvette magazine for reference. And then had to sorta guess at the size compared to the service guy and the two girls.
Its cool to stop look back, and even my signature was different then. I always used EH instead of EW cause I liked the japenese looking symbol i could make. Why does the service guy look like Steve from Horseshoes and Handgrenades. I suppose the other two are thelma and louise? i have no idea.


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