Happy Easter from EWG

April 18, 2014

Heres something I've been waiting to post up - and thought it'd be fitting to do on Good Friday before Easter Sunday! I thought about going in a heart warming cutesy easter bunny n basket and eggs n flowers direction and maybe some blue birds n sunny blue skies n happy happy. But then I decided - where do I really wanna go. I wanna go balls to the wall Easter Bunny evil bustin anime style! Annnd this came out. Lol - been workin on it the past couple days. The header design was actualy a test for the style etc I had in mind and will actualy be used in a similar way but with diff title setup for my Jumping Boy one shot coming out for Free Comic Book day. But this was designed first and I darn tootin like it. The comics code and 10cents is just a funny homage to the comics o' old. They really mean nothing haha. Enjoy, Happy Easter however you celebrate or why-ever you celebrate it. We'll be havin a nice church service and big ass ham when we get home. What will you be doing for easter?
Penciled/ Designed/ Colored in Adobe Photoshop 6.0, inked in Inkscape.

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