EWG Easter Egg Hunt! Easter Sunday Only!

April 19, 2014

This event has ended! Come back Easter 2015 for the next Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter! Starting 11:59pmEST Saturday 4/19 and ending 11:59pmEST 4/20, the EWG Easter Egg shown here is hidden somewhere on the EWG website! Where oh where did that EWG Dewd Bunny hide the shiny EWG egg?

Find it and you will receive $15.00 off of your next invoiced order.

MUST Take a clear screenshot of the easter egg above and part or all of the page its hidden on and send it to EWG at eryckwebb3@yahoo.com as soon as you find it so we can put you down as having found it ( so you can be applicable for the discount when your ready to use it)!

Once you have sent the screenshot you are LOCKED IN name and the discount. And can choose WHEN to use it at any point in the future! DO NOT have to use it right away! But can!

1. Does not include sales, specials or slots.
2. Must be used within 2014 year.
3. Non transferable.
4. Can Only be applied to one invoice. Whether it contains multiple items or just one.
5. Customer still pays paypal fee on total of order.

Thanks for participating in this year's Easter Egg Hunt!

Hint: I promise its not ridiculously far back in the archive of posts - its within current posts or pages.

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