Fire Axe Wielder - Character Art Commission

April 29, 2014

Finished character art commission - one character w/ full background/effects
Fun stuff - bit of a monster with the various details/ effects.
But pretty happy with the result, hope the client is too! Below is some shots of the process. Enjoy! Any questions about techniques or steps used please commetn below and I'll answer as promptly as possible. Used a lot of different techniques on this one

Initial concept mockup sketch - client liked it but i wasn't satisfied with the angle

Actualy penciled this traditionaly on a marker pad outside on a nice day when i was tired ofbeing cooped up in the ol' studio. Some of the proportions are off and I didnt have reference was drawing from memory so it doesnt have everything

Went over the pencils on computer made new refined pencils. Added character design details i forgot and indicated the shades/ lighting a bit for the inking stage. This is as tight as I took the pencils before inking

Lineart inks with pencils on a layer below it. Inked in inkscape. Also a bit cleaner than the tight sketch underneith now.
Finished inks as they were exported from Inkscape and imported to Photoshop
Except for some glow effect on the fire and lava, this is the basic flats for he piece
From here added shading highlights and effects to create the finished piece at top!

Thanks for checking the process out and as I said before, got questions about the process or wondering how I did a particular part, ask in the comments below. I'm an open book, and will answer as accurately and promptly as I am able!

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