Sword Art Online - Fantastic Random Discovery

April 9, 2014

Was shuffling through the anime series on Netflix this evening and randomly decided to checkout the series Sword Art Online. I was blown away by the highquality animation/CG mix and the music, and the time it took to really explore the wonder of their world. Then the awesomeness of this game world took a dark and scary twist. But I love the attitude of the main character in taking it on.
Really hiquality series, the first episode was amazing. MMORPG players who can wholey be in the game like the matrix are stuck and if they die in the game they die in real life. Only way out is to get through 100 ever increasingly difficult levels. But the execution of the animation and story telling and artwork and even the soundtrack is amaaazing. Right up there with .Hack Quantum - really look forward to watching more of this series on Netflix. As soon as the rockin end real and little epilogue bit was over I was quick to give it 5 stars. Thats rare for me.

Actual stills from the show:

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