Kill La Kill and Fire Emblem - Spring Special Orders Continue

April 14, 2014

 Finished one character min/no background of Kill La Kills' Ryuko. Wasn't previously familiar with the series but while gettin inspiration for the piece looked at a bunch of clips from several battles from the series - its pretty awesome stuff. My fav though is the soundtrack. its flipping awesome! So had it going during majority of this illustration!

Below is sort of a look at the steps in the process of creating this piece. Starting with the pencils as far as I took them, with just loose information put down enough for me to finish out in inks. I usualy just make sure I'm happy with the proportions, and i articulate the face and fingers abit, other than that, finish out rest in inks! Admittadly theres an energy/ attitude in the pencils that got a bit lost in the inks. But I'm happy with the inks in their own respect as well. In this case as I've started doing more and more lately since the Thursday Night Live sketch request which was all done in Inkscape, I've started penciling and inking straight in inkscape. Its just got a bit more fluidity to it that I can't explain.

So on another layer inked over the sketch and produced the finished ink art below, note areas thare are more finished than above.

Then I exported the lineart to photoshop where I flatted and shaded the colored art. A bit brighter tones than i was going for but all around happy with it! This is one of those works where I like the black and white inks almost better than the full color version. Ah well, it happens!

Enjoy the livestream video below of the hour and half Livestream recording. Finaly figured out what was going on with Livestream. I was broadcasting too much and reaching my limit of bandwidth/ recording time and it'd deny me logging back on the next day or a few days later. Refreshes each month. Also learned how much overall time/ and data i have so I will be able to use it to record sessions again more! So depending on the event will be using livestream or picarto. Livestream for recorded session and gaming and Picarto for all general art streams where I intend to be on lots/ long time.

Enjoy the stream, starting with colors finished up on a piece I was working on earlier today!

All done with Inkscape and Photoshop 6.0 (not to be confused with CS6 - but yes, 6.0)

If you wish to watch it here, just close the window it pops up when you hit play, and hit play again.

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

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