Throw Back - SuperFriends 2004

April 24, 2014

#throwbackthursday #tbt Todays Throwback Thursday post - Heres an oldy from 2004! This is a 11x17 illustration I did in pencil, then inked with sharpie/micron pens of me and the group of friends I hungout the last year or two of college. Each one in different super hero/ fighter designs/outfits depending on personality/ preferences and some just random. Random only if there was nothin really to come up with for them. I am in the middle with the blue face/hair and robot arm. My creativity was pretty fertile around then I guess! Just drawin all kindsa crazy crap from my brainnzzzz. colored on the computer, still wasn't relaly great at coloring in photoshop but had to start somewhere! This ended up being a big ol' 4 foot by whatever foot mural on the dude with the orange trenchcoats wall. Looked sweeeet. Wonder if he still has it. 
Sad to say am out of contact with all these folks now. After college seems everyone goes back to where they live or move to somewhere new in pursuit of lives and careers. But this time was a great time I will always remember!

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