Heart Shaped Turtle - Inkscape Warmup Drawing

February 13, 2023


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A fun little warmup drawing this morning. Using the community 'Draw Jam' prompt for February over on the EWG Discord. One theme is 'create your own cupid', and an alternate theme is starting with this heart shape template and making something out of it/ or coloring it in etc etc. For some reason, this morning, as I looked at the shape, I saw a turtle head and shell, and played with that idea. I also made myself stay within the heart shape confines. But as you can see in the process video, I just wasn't able to accept the wierd tucked feet, so I deviated with feat outside the heart shape holding the turtle up on the ground. Fun stuff, got the muscle memory and rust woke up and brushed off, and got inkscape and my wacom tablet warmed up. 

What can you make with that base heart shape? If you do one feel free to link in the comments below. Also suggestions of what I might be able to turn the heart into would be helpful! I run out of ideas sometimes. 

Thanks for looking/ reading - and for watching and liking the process video on my youtube here:

See you next drawing! Have a great week!

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