FrankenFly - Process Case Study

November 2, 2012

Started off with a pretty clear idea of what the customer wanted, so tried 3 ideas initially with different aesthetics for each one, but dancing around the same idea. 

The finished pencils shown here combine what the client approved of the top left idea for the head of the creature and then the tail/hook of the bottom one the best. 
I traced the pencil art out articulating everything for a finished black and white art. All vector, and added typography similar to the type in the proof of ideas, including the customers tagline.

Added vector colors and shades for a color option. The previous is pretty much finished for the black and white version but if the opportunity comes up for color which I believe it'll be used for most of the time I wanted to embellish it with shades/ highlights/ drop shadows, the works.

A very brief walk through but shows the basic process of most projects. Some involve a lot more proofing on various ideas and concepts, but its always nice to get one like this where the vision of the client really translates right away to the main idea I try to nail down. And was just a matter of the aesthetic treatment and even that materialized pretty quickly from proof-to-finish.

Finaly the type and mascot were used in a banner for the masthead of the related website.

Fun one. Clever idea for a fly tying website too!

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