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November 3, 2012

Love this poster design, just funny how one typo can completely change the context... or completely make it not even make sense at all. I choose to blame this one on the American English language and how there's words that sound exactly the same and are spelled/mean different. Who does that? Silly language...

While working on 'The Hen Den' poster design, I was reminded of an important point. If you know your rushed, or tired, or something like that, do yourself a favor if you can remember to. Second, and TRIPLE guess your spelling / grammar. A simple thing like the tag line on the Hen Den poster of 'No Cocks Allowed' I was tired wanted to step up the service a bit and get them the correction same day so put together the tag line on the design without really paying attention (unintentionally..half asleep probably) to the grammar. I typed 'No Cocks Aloud' .... see how one simple mistake, can change the complete meaning? I have no idea what the heck that would mean, but the same word spelled different can basically flat-line the design LOL. One of those things if it had moved forward before anybody catching it, everybody would have seen it been like 'sweeeet poster... but... aw... wish that wasn't spelled wrong... or is it? what does that mean? it doesn't fit? huh? *head explode*' so yeah. any-who  just a funny note here... more to myself than anything to pay the frack attention to the damn grammar/ spellings.


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