EWG's Status

November 1, 2012

New jobs will take about a month to complete as I am finally able to tackle back log and catch up since my better half's medical issues began in early June  Daily care and day-trips to the hospital in the city will cause delays. I can not control this. That being said as I work hard to finish jobs and complete orders, the order at which items were received becomes the order they are sent out, no exceptions including no more rush orders. This is only fair. Constantly emailing me or insisting i put you ahead of others or alter my roster to accommodate you as a 'sign of good faith' ..or, a.k.a. 'im more important right so do mine first' will not happen. I will return your order money and move on before allowing a customer to think for one minute they have control over how my business runs. And it IS running, and will continue to do so. All be it ridiculously slow and inefficiently right now (and i don't like it anymore than my customers... even more so.). But the best I can do now is offer a 4 week turnaround. And that's an estimate. Unforeseen hospital visits and other items out of my control that require attention will cause delays as well. I apologize if I get pissy when your trying to pressure me into putting you ahead of everybody else. No hard feelings in general. But you are welcome to take your business elsewhere, and thank you so VERY VERY much to those awesome customers out there, and you know who you are... who are sticking with me and not giving me a hard time about how long its taking. Know NOTHING has fallen through the cracks (ArgoForg, DannyMi, SariaLinde, Del) and ALL orders will be completed ASAP and the time will be taken to do them right. Thank you very much, and look forward to continuing with you onto future projects.

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