Anime Fan Girl Process Case Study

October 30, 2012

Finally got this commission done for the folks over at Gobble-Con. I'm very honored and excited to be creating their convention program cover art and feel bad it took as long as it did to get it done. But I believe I slid it to them early enough to the deadline to send off to printer that if they need any final tweaks i can still do that. It'll be used with masthead up top and type set to either run down the left side or the right. Totally had a ball with this one, designed the girl/ pose and everything from scratch. There was even free reign on a turkey type character to throw in. Designed her look to be my style but very much pushed in the anime/ manga style...pulling references for her outfit and accessories from many anime i enjoy. Most notably the dragon ball, pokemon and sgt frog references. Naruto is a popular one i generally think is a cool idea but never really got into it. But i know its still like competing for #1 anime of all time just on fans alone. And whats that? A little miyazaki in there :) Love that guy for sure. Pending final approval with the client. I finished up all the inks and colors on Livestream. All be it two or three times i forgot i was recording and walked away to get the phone or grab a bite to eat and took a while getting back. Sorry bout that. But enjoy the process, see how it all came together and how much time really goes into something like this. I think anybody would be surprised. Really put everything I could into this one to make it as crisp and cute as possible! Had fun. Enjoy the livestream video for this art below! Thanks for checking it out.

If you press 'play' on the control bar and not the picture it'll keep from popping up a window and will play here. Either works though.

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