9-21-9-25 Game Plan + Food For Thought

September 21, 2015

#schedule #production #gameplan

Here's to a productive and kick arse week! Here's my general plan of attack for the week! To simplify I realized my todos broke down into about 6 categories. So I'm doing two on Monday, and concentrating on one type of item per day this week. When I get those done then I'll use the time to get more character art done or get ahead on TFCC pages but in general this is the plan. Also excited to have a few shows premier this week so looking forward to that. I also heard Trump will be on Late Show with Colbert, that should be an interesting interview... I always try to start a work day by working on my own projects or warmups. Feeling like I'm getting work done on my own stuff always acts like a turbo boost to fuel my work on client jobs.

Now for something completely different...

Some food for thought for this week. Based on a decision i weighed in on over the weekend and pulled the trigger on this morning. Sometimes... losing a little business/money by turning down or backing out of an order that makes you  uncomfortable and you'd be embarrassed to have any association with the content/ subject matter it relates to as a whole, is more important than doing it just to make a few extra bucks. Ignore the perverted/ weirdo orders and look for the good ones that you wouldn't be embarrassed by. You don't have to settle. For every fetish-fueled pervert request there's half a dozen non perverted ones behind it, you just have to not think the shameful one is your only means to your bread and butter at that moment. If you choose to let your art be associated with the wrong things, it'll always be there for somebody to dig up later or posted somewhere for somebody to randomly dig up on a google search or something. When you do a job you have to think 'is this something I'd want future clients/ fans to see my legacy represented by one day? But if you maintain your brand and stick to what you can be proud of and not afraid for the world to see then you've got nothing to worry about or be ashamed of. A good rule of thumb is, 'would I show this to family members?' If your answer is no to either this question, or the question about if it should be part of your legacy (how your art is remembered), then in the end, your probably not going to want to do that job.

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