Mech Knight - Portrait Monitor Sketch

September 7, 2015

#sketchbook #warmup #discipline #practice #sketch

Sometimes for fun I'll switch my main monitor to Portrait mode in an attempt to make it more like a full view 11x17 canvas and draw character art/ work on pages that way. It always help if I'm in a creative/ motivational slump to increase the fun factor drawing nice and big that way on the whole canvas at once. But its not really practical for my workflow over all. So, heres a warmup sketch for fun and getting the flow going this afternoon and then I set the monitor back. Brush tool in Autodesk Sketchbook. Makes nice big whisp and fat globby lines. Me likey. Can't decide which I like better though, this globby ink-loaded looking brush or the splotchy brush in Inkscape. Hmm.

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