General Advice For Beating Art Block

September 7, 2015

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This morning a follower on Twitter brought to my attention a dilemma a lot of artists have on a regular basis. Thought my response would make for a good Reference post.

"I haven't drawn something of relevance in about 5 months--art block & whatnot--any advice for those slumping w/ their creativity?"

And my response given over a couple tweets.

"Happens to me all the time. I've got a couple methods for powering through the sludge. 1. Watch movies/ anime that inspires you

2. Face it we're all spawned from our love for comics or manga or anime or something. Go just envelope in it till inspired!

3. Every chance you get, don't worry about its relevance, but sit down and digitaly or traditionaly doodle off top of your head.

4. Lots of coffee and B vitamins help. You'll be itchin to draw so much you'll run out of paper and have to start on the walls

5. The books and youtube vids and shows and movies you love to watch. Draw what you love. Then grow from there. It'll come back.

Basicly the 5 things I do when I'm stumped. I put my fav music in my headphones, sit on the couch and devour artbooks and comics..."

We all go through it, whether a hobbiest or a professional, these are the general ways I deal with it. I would love to hear about other artist friend's approaches to dealing with art block or not being in the creative mood, leave your ideas in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, hope my ideas help!


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