Posemaniacs Warmup Drilling 9.15.15

September 15, 2015

#sketch #warmup #discipline #exercise #figurestudy #gesture #inkscape

A 15 minute session in Inkscape, using Posemaniacs '30 second pose' app. So each one was up about 30 seconds and I get as much down as I can till it changes. Did this for 15 minutes. Very stiff in the beginning (the center orange pieces) then gradually got more and more loose and warmed up as it went on. Working outwards from top clockwise to bottom and then ending with the purple ones on the left. Changing colors occasionally just for fun. Livestreamed it whilst, was cool another artist popped in said they had just been doing the same thing. 

Posemaniacs.com is an amazing resource for any artist serious about improving and working hard for their craft. Onto paid work! Thought part of me really wants to tackle some of the awesome prompts Sketch Dailies has been putting up in the last week. Missed some good ones!

Speaking of daily drawing, who is planning on doing Inktober this year? I'm thinking about it.

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