Grit - 9-17-15 Inkscape Warmup Sketch

September 17, 2015

#sketch #warmup #inkscape #inkingwarmup #brush #nib #barbarian #grit

Quick warmup in Inkscape, sometimes the most fun way to sketch in inkscape is use the splotch brush and tone it down a bit but then just get real quick and gestural with it. Makes splotches and whispy lines in all kindsa fun ways. Then did a nib brush on a seperate layer to do some black lines in a few places. I like the semi-finished look. Drawing attention to a certain area or so but leaving the rest unfinished.

Alright, onto some inky inks. Look forward to the first (maybe only) Live Sketch Night of the month! Will go till Midnight if theres enough interest. Otherwise will be from 8pmEST till 10pm. $16.00 via paypal i'll do an ink sketch of whatever you want. Will be a good deal tighter than the pic above of course.

But for now, got some comic inks, colors and pencils to work on all day.

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