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September 10, 2015

#sickday #cold #flu #work

So, a cold started coming on on Tuesday, the morning of my birthday. Then I was able to sorta medicate/ take some coffee/ some vitamins and being out and about I delayed it all day. Then that night I started getting very tired very early. As I had been doing for a day or two before that. I thought it was allergies or something. Then the morning after my birthday I woke up with a full on cold. And that was fine, I thought it had peaked or what not. Then it got worse lastnight and way worse by the time i woke up this morning. So... yeah. I'm barely functioning right now. I am going to try to keep working on my tablet from the couch or bed or what not but I just can't sit at my desk very long. Very sorry to customers waiting on orders, and comic jobs with deadlines. But I'm hoping to be better and hit it hard Monday but will get what I can done between now and then. Guess this is what I get for unchaining myself from my art mill and go out around other people. I either got it from the Canfield fair friday or from family or friends on saturday. Eitherway, its a wonderful wonderful birthday present. I will enjoy it thoroughly for the next few days. Thanks! I mean as I type I'm barely able to hit the keyboard right, you dont know how many times i've gone back retyped these sentences as I go lol.

All must-completes for the week were taken care of yesterday, everything else will just have its progress delayed a couple days. Sorry for the inconvenience. Back atcha soon!


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