Ipad Pro and Pencil First Reaction

September 10, 2015

#ipad #pencil #apple #ipadpro

So, my first thoughts on the iPad Pro/ and Pencil - Overpriced and late to the game! They say 'it could replace a wacom tablet' but they don't say anything about Samsung galaxy note tablets and S Pens.  It probably expects you to use apple-only software and stuff too (don't know didnt read up on it, this is just my initial thoughts so shhh) The only way its better than what i've got is if it allows you to work on hi resolution files. Highest I can get mine, and it has to be in the pixel equivalent, not dpi is 200. Which is 1600 x 2560 pixels which is 22x35inches at 72dpi. I then transfer it to my desktop and set it to 300dpi and 11x17. And keep going from there with virtually little noticeable quality loss.
But $99 for a pen and then what probably $600 for the ipad pro? Ridicerous lol. The samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 is around $300 and the 12 inch is around $4-500. The wacom i believe is like $1000 for their tablet. I have YouTube videos showing serious production work being done on a regular basis on my tablet. In-fact I'm sick as a dog right now and plan on spending the day doing character art on my tablet from my couch or bed all day. There is no reason to get an apple, especialy when they come into it so late in the game. Now if it vastly outperforms wacom and samsung and everything else, then I think its awesome, but this remains to be seen. Ah well, even if it doesn't... people will buy it though. 'Apple People' I guess. Welcome to the party apple, all be it late.

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