Labor Day Vacay, Birthday Boy and Studio

September 9, 2015

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Hello on this post-labor day hump day. Hope everyone's week is going well. Monday was as we all know labor day, and though I tried to work for it I ended up taking off after the first half of the day. Low and behold I was coming down with some kinda random headcold. Guess thats what I get for spending Friday and Saturday out of the studio and around other people. Well then yesterday, was my 34th birthday. So I basically took off Friday through Tuesday for a much needed 5 day vacation. Even if it was more of a stay-cation. And man I needed that.

For my birthday, my wife gave me the best present of all, a cash budget and the keys to the truck and all day to do what I wanted. So we stopped at parks took in the nice weather, walked around outside at some new places we haven't been to before, and ate out all day and went shopping. I enveloped myself in art supplies, office supplies, toys and comics though I'm sure it occasionally bored my wife to tears, she hung out with me the whole day. Then we came home, watched the original ninja turtles and had cake and ice cream. 

I couldn't talk myself into buying a new TMNT toy several times while we were out. One being a half shell heroes Leonardo figure that I liked a lot. Well upon the cake/ and icecream devouring when we got home, my wife presented me with a present that our doggies picked out. And low and behold it was a Leonardo half shell heroes figure. Score!

I ended up with some great new graphic novel reading/ study material and a new 8.5x5.5 sketchbook, some notebooks and whiteboard markers. Lame gifts? Naw I love that stuff... any kinda paper and things to mark on it with im golden. I also got two frames to safely frame and hang two original john buscema 11x17 pencil rough pages from his Conan days that i've had on safe lock down probably 3 or 4 years. Now they are on display on the wall in my studio. I also enjoyed straightening up my studio before bedtime last night, getting ready to return to work after my 5 days off. (Friday through Tuesday) and really feeling the creative mojo in here again. 

I got lots of wonderful birthday cards, wishes and gifts from others but I really think I needed to get out of the studio for a few days and just get out there, go shopping which i never let myself do, and even just take in everything in the stores even if i didn't buy anything. But I did :) Bought just the right amount of stuff me thinks. I even got my EWG page to hit 500 likes right in time for my birthday. How sweet is that. The winner has been declared and they already have contacted me about their requested depiction. I'm all set to get started on it asap as well as get back to the work week as normal!

Heres a couple pictures of the studio and the john buscema pages below, and thanks again for everyone helping making my 34th birthday a really really nice one :) 


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