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September 30, 2015



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Above are some works from last year's Inktober. Last year I was kind of all over the place as far as mediums and subject matter, this year I'm looking to stay a bit more focused in my intent.

Looking forward to the kickoff of Inktober tomorrow (Oct 1). Last year I did a sketch a day. Some with inking tools on newsprint or sketchbook, many with digital ink sketching. Some were just... poor lol. A lot were inspired and cool. But I'm going for something more consistent this year.

This year, Inktober serves as a grand finale for a year long discipline of sketching and practicing the ol' skills. Personal exercise sketches, daily warm-ups and evening cool downs have been a regular practice for me this year. The extra push of participating in Inktober will take me into November with an extra solid body of practice work. They will all be digital whether by tablet or desktop in Sketchbook or Inkscape and will be under an hour each. In the end, they will all be included in a special production I'm putting together for the EWG 6th Anniversary on December 11th. 

You heard about it here first. Heres to a great October, leaves turning, Halloween approaching and the kickoff of the holiday season. Hope you consider Inktober a sort of grand finale to your artistic year before the holidays as well. Cause we all know the art gets a little slower around the winter holidays :) 

I am also toying with the idea of offering a special Christmas/ holiday - oriented item in my pricelist this month. Spots will be limited and all items will be completed by Thanksgiving, so that folks can take advantage of Black Friday/ Cyber Monday pricing. ALSO, EWG has all intents and purposes to hold another Chibi Monday this year for Cyber Monday. As Chibis are not a regularly featured item, this might be a good chance to get some chibi art for you and yours!

Alright, so heres some preliminary announcements and looking forward to diving into Inktober! 31 black and white either Traditionally or Digitally inked sketches by the end of the month! Crazy! Opening up the creative mind and improving ones skills are almost sure to happen :) 

See you in October!

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