Throwback: Koala and Palm - Buddy Movie

September 3, 2015

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A throwback Thursday post! This is from way back in the summer of 2006. Did a art prompt/ jam thing with a couple friends on Deviant Art around that time. Where I'd pick three random objects and have to put them together into a picture, whatever comes to mind when you think about those three objects in a piece together. This one was 'Koala, 'Palm Tree, Bucket hat'. There's  probably a lot of other ways to go with that, but this is where I went haha. Perhaps it could have been the summer blockbuster buddy action movie epic of the year!

Looking back at the piece almost 10 years later, I realize the koala has no midsection (oops) and it was traditionally drawn and scanned from a sketchbook because of the line art texture. The shading is really rough probably done by hand with a lasso tool free handing it, and there's absolutely no highlighting. But I can also see the beginnings of a lot of preferences I do to this day, like the signature (then it was EH06) worked into the cracks in the concrete, and big toothy mouths as well as smoke/ bullet cartridges adding flow and movement to it. I tend to do shadows pretty much the same way now a day too if not a little more refined.

Well hope you enjoyed this look back at 2006, and a personal piece that was all play. Several years before even beginning my journey down the self employed path.

Heres the piece in its original nesting place, on the EWG Deviant Art page:

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