Taryn The Smuggler - Chibi July Sale Commish

September 2, 2015

@EctoMaster #starwars #swtor #starwarsrebels #chib #characterart #digitalart #inkscape #photoshop

Finished chibi commission for EctoMaster of his OC Taryn. In chibi form she is also representative of the mascot of his youtube channel Containment Gaming where she enthusiasticly cosplays whatever game shes being featured with on his channel. In this case, its Star Wars The Old Republic in the form of a smuggler (han solo-ish). Fun stuff!

About 1 hour 30 minutes on this one. Demo'd the work on this piece start to finish live on Picarto. Was happy to have about 10 viewers at any given time though only about 5 were in the chat. The other 5 were shy I guess, or stalkers. To each their own. Enjoy the new chibi art ecto! Transparent bg version and normal version coming your way now!

Drawn/Inked in inkscape and colored in photoshop ... drawn with wacom intuos 2.

Gettin those July Sale orders squared away. At this point working to get them done. Way past the intended deadline. But getting there! The important thing is the work will get done. Working on it daily so its just a matter of time! Thanks to all for your patience!

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