Stream Drawing: TMNT Warmup For World Turtle Day 2024

May 23, 2024

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Happy World Turtle Day 2023

Drew this for warmup at the beginning of my Drawing Request Show stream today! Fun stuff. 

As I mentioned on stream, I always ( at least lately ) like to portray the turtles more as creatures/ turtles.

I also went with red for Leonardo's attire, as in the original Mirage Studios comics - red was splinters clan color and that's why all the turtles wore red banners. Only later in cartoon/ toy form did they individualize the colors for kids ease of recognition.

Thanks for a great Drawing Request Show today! A few highlights were:

- Drawing this warmup of a ninja turtle for 'world turtle day'
- Shopping for and discussing drawing tablets
- Going over 'rights of usage' as far as Eryck Webb Graphics is concerned
- Unlocking a giveaway for the chat

- A few generous individuals made sure to hit the KoFi Giveaway Goal for May! Make sure to head to and contribute one coffee to enter the giveaway by Monday. If you supported from April 27th till March 27th ( Monday when I pick the winner that morning) your name will be added to a wheel for a raffle spin to pick the winner of a 1 character w/ some minimal background full color character art illustration done in just a few weeks after! This 1 character can be a fan art, or original character, a cartoon of a loved one, a pet, a car a robot a creature or any prompt you wanna give. It can also be used for a logo design, or up to 4 emotes. So toss a coffee to enter, and good luck to all potential winners! We will also have a new giveaway goal for June afterwards that kicks off June 1st.

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