Logo Commission - YR Monogram Design

May 24, 2024


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Finished monogram design for Trayde - who won the April Kofi Giveaway! We had already done some sketches on  Drawing Request Show on Twitch for a quick request. Then, when he won the Kofi Giveaway - he opted to get the one he chose from the batch of ideas, all cleaned up for use. Yada yada yada, here's the clean finished version. I particularly love the symmetry of the two vertical lines. The left angle of the Y is exactly the same as the right angle on the R. But I love how the right leg of the R intersects and blocks it going all the way down to the middle. Trayde had the idea for the letter shapes to be inset in a circle, and I love that. Good choice. It was sent in a couple different color styles as per Traydes request. All in all I really enjoy working on the design side of my brain on stuff like this. Good stuff!

Make sure to get in on the Kofi May Giveaway which was unlocked this week. Everyone has till Monday morning to toss a coffee at me to enter. Anybody who has coffee'd me on Kofi between April 27th and May 27th ( Monday ) will be in the running to win the next raffle! Winner can choose from a finished full color character art illustration, a logo design, or 4 emotes! 

June 1st we'll launch the June giveaway goal on Kofi! Thank you for supporting me, Eryck Webb Graphics and all that is implied! 

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