Wise Mutant Owl - Drawing Request

May 7, 2024

A cool free reign piece. The three prompts were 'wise', 'mutant', and 'owl. I ended up with a humanoid owl meditating on a branch with his Kofi coffee sitting near by. 

Drawn in Inkscape in about 15minutes

 What a cool day guys. Thanks so much! All drawings from Drawing Request Show today sent! 

Don't forget to hit up my kofi ( ko-fi.com/eryckwebbgraphics ) before Friday for the chance to win a 1 character full color illustration!

See you Thursday on twitch.tv/eryckdrawz 10amET for more Drawing Request Show!


#owl #drawing #mutant #meditate #wise #stoic #coffee #kofi #inkscape #digitalink 

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