Kofi Update June 20 2024

June 21, 2024

A quick update to make folks aware of a few new things going on on the EWG KoFi!

I just posted two new originals sketches available for hires download exclusively through Kofi! All you have to do is support once ( lasts 30 days ) or be a monthly supporter ( thank you Kofi Crew )!

Head over to https://ko-fi.com/eryckwebbgraphics and grab the art you want! 

Also - be sure to get in on the June Giveaway! It was unlocked this week, and all you have to do to enter is tip one coffee! One coffee gets you 30 days of access to any and all downloadables on the platform as well! New ones are posted weekly and monthly! Thank you for your saucey coffee support!

Support with one coffee here in KOFI to get access to ALL downloads for 30 days and be in the monthly giveaway raffle! Thank you for keeping me drawing! 

#drawing #artwork #sketches #kofi 

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