New Hope and a New Week

April 9, 2012

Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend, even if it was about delighting kids hearts with easter eggs and bounty of candy, or finding new hope and inspiration. I think the main theme to take away from any sermon or family get together, is hope and happiness. Life goes on, spring is here and theres no reason not to be optimistic. Whatever is going on, everything has its season, and a new season is well underway!

Kristina and I are excited for a camping trip coming up this weekend. A much needed escape into the great blue wild. Will be meeting up in the cheat mountains friday 4/13 and getting settled in, spending all day saturday hiking and exploring the ancient remains of industry and human presence in the deep forest, and just plain and simple hiking our butts off.

A much needed escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Getting lost in the woods for a few days. Thats my kind of vacation. Rain or shine should be frickin great.

Thanks to everyone who jumped on the Easter special lastweek, I will be working on one or two of those a day till complete, so please allow about two weeks to finish, and I will get them to you soon as possible.

Well the week is off to a great start, saw my wifey off this morning then took wally ion a 730am walk around the neighborhood. And you know what. THATS the time to do it. All the obnoxious dogs or people who let them bark off the chain are still sleeping and inside and the motorheads are still asleep too which means the streets are clear. And speaking of inspiration... I walked out the back door with wally, and down the alley to the first big road that intersected, and followed that road till i was standing at the edge of a cliff and looking down on the ohio river. The sun gleaming off of it with the morning mist still disapating. Man, gorgeous. Wally wanted to drag his butt and sniff everything and find a place to potty, thats fine, I was enjoying the view. We got back and I'm getting to work now, working some customer service on potential jobs and getting ready to hit production hard today. A great start to the morning and the new week, with a new chance to start over and do it again!

Have a great week!

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