EW Stream Recap 61218

June 13, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Check those whispers! Thanks to everyone for a fun Tuesday Twitch streamin of Drawing Request Show. I kicked off the day earlier in the morning, drawing a dude in a dog suit goin mental for kibble just for fun and practice. Then finished up inks and colors on an epic demonic request. An all around productive day! 

Upgrade inks and colors for traydes original character request. Was fun working in the fire effects and textures. The thing I found that sells it the most is when I started doing the lighting on the figure in the middle. Made everything pop! Really happy with my decision to render the bones in silhouette form too. Makes it more eerie i think. 

I'm taking Wednesday morning off to work on upgrades, finish updating stream things ( like this recap of yesterdays stream and update the masterlist for today) and other things before today's Drawing Request Show action. Picked up a couple new albums filled with lots of good riffy fuzzy drawing music to enjoy today. No wacky wednesday today just a good ol' drawing request show!

Best of Request Volume 2 is still in production. Been a sluggish pace past week or two while dealing with seasonal issues and trying to hammer the backlog. But its still on track for an early summer release. Join me, in the meantime, as we fill volume 3 with epic draws...

See you at 2pmET for the madness. 

And as always checkout EWG youtube for highlights and drawings from previous streams!

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