Daily Discipline: Kibbles N Bits 61218

June 14, 2018

#drawing #warmup #practice #discipline #draweveryday #inkscape #dog #furry #dude #kibble

A fun warmup from Tuesday I didn't get to post. A random off top of my head doodle. I enjoy practicing clearing my mind and just hashing around with shapes and forms till something comes out. I've always done that in fact. Growing up, drawing this way in my sketchbooks, on-lookers would ask 'whered you get the idea for that' or 'what is that' and i just shrug and say ' I dont know' or 'just made it up'. Thats always a fun way to explore your creativity. We spend all our lives absorbing influences and visual knowledge. When practicing or just doodling for the fun of it, I think its best to clear your mind, and not try to draw anything specifically, and see what elements you pull out of that subconscious. Fun things can emerge. Case in point. Lately I seem to be drawn in a more abstract / cartoony direction which I'm enjoying a lot. Theres no rules, just what looks interesting or fun.

Inkscape about 30 minutes. 

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