EW Twitch Stream Recap 62918

June 30, 2018

#drawing #twitch #characterart #request #stream #creative

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks everyone for a super fun stream week and a great Friday to end it all on. Will be resting up and disconnecting for the weekend but will be back next week for more Drawing Request action! 

Special thanks to all the lurkers, the raids, the hosts, the follows, the new faces I met this week that have been enjoying the stream, and the top supporters of the week! The request king trayde, request champ epelesker, and request boss hamiltoons, all have respective tokens waiting in your retainer! Thanks for a great week!

Our town is having a big 4th of july celebration monday/ tues and wed ( the 4th ) which means they'll have a big carnival/ car show, and super loud music playing about half a block over down at the park on our street, but im thinking i might be able to stream anyway in the afternoons. Playing it by ear. 
So at least Wednesday, Ill be off in the morning going to the 4th of july parade in town ( they go all out ) and then stream in the afternoon then in the evening do some grilling and chilling and get ready for the fireworks. Should work out fine.

See you guys next week, same drawing time ( 2pmET ) same drawing channel ( twitch.tv/eryckwebb ) for more request action and antics.

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