Drawing Request Show e211 Recap

April 24, 2017

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As of this post, all art FINISHED! Thats right, this is the only piece I did today on a special Traditional edition of the afternoon stream. This was a piece done for MightyMae, of her request of a chibi-style pic of her in some victorian/ steampunk style cosplay and her wicked 'ear hair' and yarn you can see here wearing often on stream. Was challenging but a lot of fun. Literaly took like 3 hours as I dont have an undo button with traditional so wanted to take mytime make sure it came out good. Was challenging and a lot of fun. Congrats again MightyMae and this was so much fun I have decided when we hit 700 followers we'll raffle off another one! See you guys tomorrow ( Tuesday 4/25 ) for the return of the digitial EW art you all know and love. But this was a lot of fun!
I might try to do more original traditional art fanarts and original pieces and stick them in the shop on occassion. Keep an eye out for that. There is one I did this morning ( might have seen it on Twitter ) of Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot that will be in the store next chance I get to post it. Keep an eye out for that. This piece here however, ships this week!
Have a great night and see you tomorrow!

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