Figure Study - Posemaniacs Warmup - 6-9-15

June 9, 2015

Click image to view full res. Check out those gesture lines!
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This morning I spent about 30 minutes doing this warmup made possible by - a great tool for drill sketching. The gestures on the left were 15 seconds each, with 'advanced' setting on which, let me tell you is definitely harder. Does the same poses but flips them in different directions so its less natural to understand what your looking at right away. Was great. The pose on the right was a final one I picked that I liked and did the gesture then took it to finished sketch. I think practicing with this site will definitely 1. improve my speed and 2.) improve my overall understanding of anatomy and form and how the body positions in different poses. So yeah, lot of fun. But I definitely cant last more than a 15 minutes session doing these, I start getting slow/ fatigued towards the end. But I hope to get better at this over time. The fact that the figures display human muscle anatomy and such will also help my overall study and learning of muscles/ etc better too.

So, improvement all around is only inevitable by doing this more often. Which I plan on doing for warmups wehenever possible.

Onto transformers pencil pages all day! Have a great Tuesday! While above right pose is a good example of the sketch night coming on Thursday, the sketches then will be cleaner, less 'sketch lines' for sure. So hope to see people out for that. Its $26 per sketch, taking orders from 8-10, but workig on them till 12 if needed.

Toying with the idea of preorders as well. Let me know below if this interests you, and if your planning on coming! See you Thursday

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