Live BW Sketch Night 6-25-15 Recap

June 25, 2015

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Another session of 'live sketch night' is a wrap. I attempted a different format for this week, as I like to mix it up once and a while. I was hoping the PreOrder format would be more ideal for folks and 'less competative', but it remains to be seen what people really thought of it. Would love to get feedback to those who missed out, those who were turned off of the PreOrder variation and those who participated. Better than only accepting orders during the event? Worse? And any thoughts on ways you'd like to see it in the future? 

I neglected to record the session this evening. Totaly meant to, but in the end, forgot. However it was one of the smoother sessions. A benefit of the PreOrder is I went into it knowing exactly how many I needed to do. I sketched them all out then inked them all. Was kinda nice. One thing I've started doing as well is keeping it the black and white digital inks sketches during the event. If anybody wants color its a special sale price but will only be done after the event. Also, I leave an open offer to all who purchase sketches at these events, I will upgrade them to color anytime for 16.00 paypal USD.

I believe these are the lowest priced I've offered in a while. $26.00 per sketch, where its normaly $32.00 bw and $47.00 color. So I'm surprised more didnt jump on that. I think in the future, I will plan on releasing PreOrders the Monday before and closing them earlier the day of the event. Maybe that'll allow more time for customers to make a decision. 

Future sessions will include all-chibi editions and see the return of pencil, sketch/ full color variations. 

Thanks to the two folks who came out to wath the live drawing, would really love their feedback in the comments on this  post. And thanks to the three folks who ordered! I am happy with how they all came out. But I am really digging my Bubble Bobble fanart warmup. One of my alltime favorite games, never been another one close to resembling its playing format. I will have to finish out that warmup properly as a personal fanart piece in the future.

For now, enjoy these finished black and white sketches from tonight's event, and please, let me know your thoughts on ways I can improve it in the future by commenting below! Have a great weekend!

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