Bubble Bobble Plus - Fan Art

June 27, 2015

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This is the theme song from the original game I have forever burned into my memory: 

A personal fan art done while hanging out on Synergy w/ Peter Palmiotti and other fellow artists. Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqGN__MbdQ0

About 3 hours start to finish.

Drawn/ colored mostly in sketchbook pro with some final lighting adjustments and pentool shading in photoshop.

Had some major inspiration to do some Bubble Bobble homage/fan art since doing a random warmup sketch the other night. I loved Bubble Bobble as a kid, and refound that love with Wii's Bubble Bobble Plus - with 4 player coop. My nieces/ nephews love it cause the three of them can play with uncle eryck all at the same time. Theres infinite continues, everyone gets a chance to gobble up goodies, and its just an upbeat non-defeating good time for all.

One of my all time favorites. That 'bonus gobble time' music and the main theme stick in my head for life.

I'm always green :) Blue is always my decoy, and yellow/pink run support as well. Shown here is all the enemies I like best. But man... that white whale. Scary stuff. NOTHING CAN STOP ITTTTT except dying. Wow.

And to this day I've never found the 'true ending' but, who cares I play all 100 levels over and over like a fool :)

Enjoy! A little birdy told me a Dig Dug fan art is coming soon as I can get to it :)

Dont know what this is a fan art of? Check this out, its the 4 player Wii version 'Bubble Bobble Plus' which this art is based on. The music for the 4 player mode is different. The music you heard when you came to this post is the all time classic/ fav for this series.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZO59Nz35aE

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