EW Twitch Stream Recap 51818

May 18, 2018

#drawing #headlopper #requests

Thank you for a super fun end to the week! We started this Friday stream with some focus mode this morning to get more upgrade work done as much as possible. We got a fun raid from twitch.tv/RobinHolstein on twitch and his viewers and I drew him an epic Head Lopper for him as a thank you for stopping by. I wasn't aware of Head Lopper before but hes so fun to draw. I must do so again soon. Thanks to the top supporters, Request King Trayde, Request Champ Hairfoot and Request Boss CodyBedrock! Complimentary INSTA tokens are in your retainers to use any time!

During lunch I got a package in the mail... and was pleasantly surprised by a super cool gift from MightyMae and Hairfoot!! The creative couple gifted me a Mushroom that Hairfoot carved from wood and MightyMae painted it to look like my orange bucket hat with white stripes and accurate orange tone and everything. The base of the mushroom was black. I even got a sweet Hairfoot Token and business card ( which Im just hyped to have! ). It means so much, I already got a place for it on my shelves of collectibles and figures and will keep that in my work space forever! Love it.

There was a funny moment this afternoon during Drawing Request Show where two people got to pick / change what hat I wear via the Gratitude Wheel. One picked my Leonardo mask, and the other picked my Cthulu mask. So for about an hour ( till it was too hot and hindering my drawing lol ) I was ewTURTLECTHULU.

All art has been sent and Masterlist updated! Thanks for everything and see you next week to rock the draws once again! Make sure to practice drawing and fill those sketchbook pages over the weekend. And see you Monday! Only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb

By the way, my buddy FooRay made me and him in his WWE game! I knabbed a clip! So fun. Thanks Fooray for that!!!!

A big day, big week. But we'll crank the knob even higher next week. Have a fantastic weekend!

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