Daily Discipline: Hat n Overalls Creature 53118

May 31, 2018

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Not streaming in the mornings has some benefits. Especially right now while I'm suffering from off and on allergy/ sinus headaches and such. Here is a few of the pros and cons:

On the pro side, I can have a quieter morning, ease into my work day. Start puttering on to dos and projects without worrying about talking to anybody or being entertaining. When I do upgrades off stream I don't have to worry about my planned 'to dos' being thwarted by folks wanting to put priority on theirs. I can work on a  little of everything not dictated by any order or preference or trying to appease the masses. There's also that ability to turn on whatever music i want and sit down and just start creating. I may not feel like doing it this morning, but i open up Inkscape or Sketchbook and just start creating and usually something fun or creatively engaging comes out. Then that usualy gets the ol creative mill motor cranking. This dude above is a good example of that. There's also business-related things I do like website maintenance, shop maintenance, making new items for the shop, new items for the stream, cleaning my work space or even working on a project I'm keeping the lid on that I can't do on stream. 

On the con side, I don't think I get as much done. Whether a priority token gets dropped or not I do think I get more done on stream. Something about having a live audience and folks to 'show up' for. Everything on stream is faster pace, and I know the more I crank out the more I'll get in. The ol' drawing mill has to keep inputting and outputting. I also know any time I'm not streaming is pretty much time I won't make a cent of bit cheers or a dollar. But often enough I know when I'm not streaming I'm working on things that will help this 'streaming and commission' business make money down the road. Not always. Sometimes I'm either not feeling good or just blowing off responsibilities. But mental sanity and health is good right? I'll leave getting work done and being productive and entertaining to when I'm on stream. Off stream I can do things that would clog up the drawing request queue like the current chibi backlog, larger multiple character pieces that would take an entire stream and other such things.

In the end though I think the time NOT streaming allows me to prepare better for the time when I do stream. And the stream and brand is better for it. For now at least, I'm taking an easy week here on this Memorial Day week. Maybe next week I'll go back to working on upgrades in the morning. I'm going to start doing evenings as well. I want so much, to get those upgrades all caught up as well as that backlog of special orders. But right now I just value my weekend off-time too much to use it to continue working and I'm usually pooped in the evenings after drawing my ass off and streaming all day. Not sure what the right answer is. Every-time I mention 'hiring help' folks are like 'nuuuu we want 100% EW from beginning to end'. Then its going to take long as it takes. But maybe I can find a way to hash it out myself. I WANT to find a way. When i go back to streaming mornings and evenings it'll probably be no cam/ no mic focus streams - just art and music. I do this because i don't have to put attention or energy into how I'm acting on stream, what I'm saying or if I'm being a good stream host or entertaining. I can just draw, and occasionally respond in the chat. Period. So when I go back to streaming mornings/ evenings I'll probably do it that way. For the most part this week I'm just enjoying some slow mornings as sort of a semi-time off. But always... rocking those Drawing Requests in the afternoons. See you at 2pm Eastern Time!

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