2022 Sketch Book 03 Flip Through Tour | Traditional Drawing

July 9, 2022


This is my third sketchbook of the year! This sketchbook is 8.5x5.5 inches in size and 96 pages! I bound and decorated this sketchbook myself with cardboard, paper and string and glue from scrap materials around my studio. 

I think its important to show aspiring artists how much practice, experimentation and mindless play goes behind every finished request and commission or other piece you see me do. It doesn't matter what software, or hardware you have. The muscle memory and drawing knowledge can utilize any tool given enough time to adapt to each tool.

I'm currently working on my 4th sketchbook of the year. Its the biggest I've ever made, at 8.5x7 and 212 pages! When I eventually get to the end of it I will do another flip through tour!

The idea behind these videos, is instead of yammering on about each page for 30 minutes, you can flip through as if holding it and looking at it yourself. Pause when you want, and speed up or slow down the video to your preference! If you have questions or comments about specific parts, let me know the timestamp and your comment/ question in the comments below! And I will tell you about it.

Like and subscribe for weekly drawing related content on this channel! This channel will always be about drawing digitally, traditionally, or the materials related to. On weeks I'm too busy to create original videos, you can still enjoy drawing highlights from my weekly drawing request stream on twitch! Right now, I'm calling every Saturday 'Sauced Saturday' and posting a new original videos every Saturday. I enjoy making these videos but the paid work comes first! So see you tentatively next Saturday for more!

Thank you for watching, and I hope this video makes you want to go and draw!

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