Stream Recap: Wut Timer Wednesday 070622

July 6, 2022

Rabbit girl pilots mason jar mech
happy birthday yecats

brettski's awesome hair character 

witchy puppy reading spell books on a rainy night

chili pepper pirate

shark trucker


All art sent from this Wednesday edition of Drawing Request Show stream. I did a 'Wut Timer Wednesday' and just had fun fully getting into the flow with each request and not worrying about the timer. I tried to keep it around 10-15 max but some went longer. Ah well! Really fun vibing and getting elbows deep in the sauce with everyone. Will most likely stream some commission works and lurks and just be on mic tomorrow 12pmET working on a kithulupup logo and other commissions.

Click on any of todays highlight pieces above to view larger. And checkout the drawing process beginning to end of the Mason Jar Mech piece on my YouTube channel here!

 See folks friday for more requests. Most likely 12pmET too. Summer mornings be my fav time of day so its hard to get to work early this time of year.

#drawing #trucker #shark #magic #puppy #witch #hair #girl #masonjar #mech #rabbit #woman #birthday #suprirse #pirate #chilipepper #inkscape #wacom #intuospro 

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