Post Stream Recap - Monday July 4 2022

July 4, 2022

Patriotic eagle riding a unicycle - happy 4th of july all!

Covid infected demon bunny

Uncle Sam Maaz

Beachgoing lady

Patriotic pinup

Energized chibi

Aperaham Lincoln

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Thanks to all for a fun 4th of july Drawing Request Show special! We did basicaly a normal Drawing Request Show but with requests being 4 dollars or 400 bits ( twitch currency) instead of 5/ 500! A few took advantage of this special and got themselves a free request or two in the process. 

Bit shoutouts to Cajundragon, Dragonandthewolves, Transparentcloud, Skyclops and Tex_o7 for the support today! And big shoutouts as well to everyone else who hungout watched/ and enjoyed the stream. 

First drawing of the stream was won by Skyclops and the last drawing of the stream was won by Wyrdbard. The first drawing of the stream was a gorilla Abraham Lincoln and the last drawing of the stream was a bald eagle carrying a U.S. flag riding a unicycle. 

Seemed appropriate for independence day!

We also unveiled the final vote for the July 'Draw Jam' prompt over on the community discord. This months prompt, picked by the community out of 12 choices, will be 'Mason Jar'. So go join the discord, grab that mason jar template to start from and get jamming! Fill it with things, decorate it, use it to create something completely original. Whatever! We'll check them all out live at the end of the month!

Enjoy a few highlights above, and be sure to checkout the '4th of July Patriotic Eagle' drawing process video posted on youtube!  Thanks for a fun stream. Tomorrow we're working on commissions with drawing requests throughout! See you 10amET for the ink slinging in inkscape!

Happy 4th of July crew!

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