Post Stream Recap - July 1st 2022

July 1, 2022

Go checkout ImTacoCat at 

Thanks for a great start to July and a great end to the week! Lots of good moments hanging and drawing with the crEW today! We started off by checking out all the entries to the June Draw-Jam theme 'cooler'. A cooler template was provided and everyone was to use it as a jumping off point in their own drawings. Many awesome renditions were had! Then we all worked on coming up with a theme for July, currently being voted on over on the Drawing Mill discord! We'll pick the winning prompt on Monday, July 4th to start jamming on all month. Also, Mondays stream will start at 12pmET, with a special offer of a dollar off or 100 bits off requests! Making each request 4 dollars or 400 bits ( For the 4th of july ). I also have kept it pretty close to the chest but every request is getting 4 extra minutes on that stream only!

Some of the best entries in the June Draw-Jam ( but certainly not all ) 

CajunDragon ( my primary Moderator ) showed me how to use the prediction voting feature with channel points - really really cool. She also figured out how to add and edit commands on the channel, which will be very handy in the future. Thanks for showing me how to do that Cajun! You rock!

We completed 12 drawing requests today, not including one I did for myself in Autodesk Sketchbook after we figured out how to get pressure sensitivity working in the program live on stream! I also drew a 13th as a surprise gift/ to help get the word out about who we raided today!

At the end of stream, we raided @imTacoCat over at #drawing #art #streaming #streamer Go check them out! She makes me laugh with her reactions and commentary no matter if shes playing games or doing art or anything. 

4th of July celebrations here are going to be lowkey, we're grilling and having cookout food sunday with kiwis mom and uncle for sunday dinner. Then Monday Kiwi and I will be going to watch the parade in town before I stream that afternoon! Fireworks will be going off in the evening which we are always able to enjoy from our front yard!

Have a great weekend, stay hydrated, safe and cool, and see you Monday 12pmET for $4 requests and 4 extra minutes added to each one tipped on Monday!!

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