Sword Girly - Finished Inks

April 28, 2015

Finished inks on this personal piece. Started as a warmup sketch yesterday morning and I dug the pose/ style/ character design so felt compalled to take it farther. Might ink eventualy but for now digging the finished inks by themselves. Inkscape brushes etc about an hour and a half start to finished inking.


  1. Dr. Aries Singularity said...:

    Nice "warm up" LOL :)

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    Thanks! Really was though. Warmup aka free-drawin time. Spent bout 30 min other morning sketching it. After work last night inked on it for about 30-45 and then finished the inks this morning over the course of about 45 min. Inking gets the drawing hand warmed up good!

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