Space Girl Luna - OWN IT!

April 22, 2015

Purchase a print of this piece at the DeviantArt EWG Print Shop!

Many problems can be debugged via wireless software reprogramming from the lab onboard the station, but Luna always enjoys the opportunity to gear up and go work on the satellite and station hardware first hand. Many models have come and gone but few offer the agility and wireless connectivity of the Hare Gear XI. Just another day on the job for Space Technician Luna! Your interstellar IT guru.

Sat down to just have fun draw whatever I wanted this evening. Been in a bit of a creative funk lately in midst of getting adjusted to the new place and new work environment and trying to find a new work routine. This helped a lot and was a lot of fun. Just sitting down and whether or not it came out very good, just finishing a piece soley for me. Space girl goodness.

Drawn completely in Inkscape, coloring/ effects in photoshop. About 3 hours start to finish. Thanks to the folks who came out saw the work in progress on the stream. I also am fond of the black and whites before I did the colors. Check that out below. Goodnight and don't forget you can purchase a print of this piece at the DeviantArt EWG Print Shop! 2015 will see the release of at least one new original EWG piece as a purchasable print each quarter! So Stay tuned!

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