Interim Studio 2.0 - And TMNT figures

April 12, 2015

Hey, just a quick personal update from the new place. Changed up rooms. I'm in the 'blue room' which will eventualy be a masterbedroom and theres a small attached room which will become my wife's walk in closet. For now, this room in need of some finished drywall work and patchups here and there (not shown in pictures) will serve as a perfect office. Even might dig out my ol' area rug for the other side of the room, theres a window to the left off the picture below and room for me to stick a futton back there. So, this is where EWG is run out of. Where the magic happens. The mill, which I feel I am running myself, but remains to be seen if things are really run by me, or if my wife or dog (or both?) really have more say on how it runs :)

So heres the studio -  digital art area on right, traditional work table/ drawing board/ light board on left.  In this reworked studio I'm exchited to use an old door as a nice long work table (will remove hinges later... and the door is temporary) and I'm also excited to have the black shelf ontop of that area for my books and figures.I have a small and growing collection of TMNT memorabilia, mainly figures. But I enjoy all the TMNT type things I get. My mother in law got me the leo pez, leo tree ornament and leo personal fan as sort of a joke stocking gift. But jokes on her, I really like them. I also have a coloring book which has actualy really well drawn black and white drawings and an activity card set that I like too. Not sure where they are at this time. We're still sorting through our boxes in the garage. But heres a look at what I got so far:

The shelf allows me to keep close by some comics, reference books, my sample copies of work i've done and art paper/ cardstock/ materials.  Not all of my comics are there, but some essential reference material/ inspiration fuel. Some notables are How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way, a Howls Moving Castle art book from the making of the movie, and my copy in the brown cardboard covering, of Monster Volume by Creature Box. 
I've had my TMNT nickelodeon figures in store for almost two years and have had the epz, fan and plush leos put away for almost 6 months. I'm excited to have a place to put them. My TMNT/ Leonardo collection is not massive by any means, but now that I have a place to put them, this will inevitably change. Kristina went with her sister to Steel City Con this weekend, primarily to meet the dukes of hazzard brothers and get a pic infront of the general lee with them. while she was there, she snatched me some leonardo loot! original 90s leonardo (on the right) - those old figures never stood up very well (unlike the current ones that have the big feet and stand awesome) - so I temporarily mounted his feet to a piece of cardboard. Will probably order some action figure peg stands later on off amazon. I love the chibi Leo she got me as well to the left of the 90s leo. She also got me some 90s TMNT drinking glass. So depending on what mood I'm in I can drink from a different turtle theme haha. Thanks Kristina!

In that brown envelope and still very very overdue to get framed and hung up, is two original john buscema conan pencil page roughs that my dad gave to me that he got from a convention when he was around my age. They are frickin awesome and full of energy as per john buscema's usual awesomeness. I can't wait to have them hanging up. Been waiting a good 3 years at least to do so. 
I also have 4 really well done posters of the 4 turtles, (one each) that i want to get put in frame/ etc and hangup on the wall above this shelf. But that will be another time.

This, as we refer to as, 'blue room' will be more spacious and my dedicated studio for now till the attic gets finished up and i move up there. This has more light and room and generaly a bit more feng shui. The 'green room' or also known as the 'sponge bob room' can now just be a dedicated guest room. We're going to take down the sponge bob border and repating the whole room a nice green. We have a nice 5 canvas mural of a beautiful nature trail scene that will stretch across teh back. And my sister's nature photography is amazing we'll be hanging a couple up around the other walls to make a feng shui 'nature' guest room. 

Daaz it for now. Thought I'd share the 'interim take 2 studio'

I love I have a nice place to just rip off a page of news pring slap it on the drawing board and doodle all over it. This makes me very happy. 

Update 4/23 (previous was posted 4/12) - got my old sofas and area rug on the other side of my studio now. I can sit, the headphones reach there so I can sit there and read my reference/ inspirational books, like Drawing Comics the Marvel way and Creature Box's 'The Monster Volume' and my many other inspirational books. Or just chill out work on my white board, tablet or just plain rest/ think/ stare off into space.
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