Tree Imp - Morning Warmup Sketch

April 20, 2015

#spring #arborday #tree #imp #warmupsketch #sketchbookpro #wacomintuos

Happy Monday folks. Had a wonderful weekend off from work, spent all day Saturday outside mowing, raking and brooming our yards driveways and sidewalks while the wife worked on cleaning up the flower beds and planting a couple new bulbs. I realized its not till you do this for the first time do you really feel like shepard of your domain, owner of your land, claimer of the pastures. Anywho. Inlight of the wonderful spring weather-filled weekend, felt like doing something springy, sprouting, tree-like and blue skied and happy. So, that resulted in this little guy popping into existence. Chipper fellow!

Sketchbook pro, wacom intuos 2 and about 30 min of fun random sketching. Also had fun with the splatter brush in sketchbook for the sky texture. Alright alright, enough playing onto actual work.  Enjoy this warmup sketch? You can find it and many like it in the 'sketchbook' section of the art gallery on this site. 

Enjoy, and always comments and feedback are welcome in the comments at the bottom of each page.

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