Prowl Pinup - Break Down Of A Transformers Commission

April 17, 2015

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As of this week, Transformers Collectors Club #62 for April/May 2015 is now out! So with that I thought it'd be fun (and safe) to feature a pinup piece I did for the magazine. I'm currently doing a continuing 6 page-per-issue story but this was the first opportunity to do a single illustration for them. In this case it was Prowl, an autobot I lent some design to. This involved borrowing Transformers animated prowl, and combining him with G1 prowl and making them work together. I'll admit my final design didn't come around till this pinup, so you'll see a few inconsistencies with this pinup design compared to the one in the comic. Any pages done AFTER this pinup feature this design though. I think it ended up being a happy marriage of the two different series, and blended well with the style I'm using in the current comic series. I had a lot of fun with this one, especially getting to do my own colors on it. I only do black and white inks on the comic pages rest of the time, though with all the details of the comic pages, I'm definitely happy I don't have to color those (sorry evan... your doing an awesome job on those!). This post features the release of the YouTube making-of-video for this piece, and a look at the process in steps. Enjoy, and feel free to leave comments/ feedback below! I will respond to all that I can :) 

The break down of steps:

Pencils as far as I finished them for this piece

The finished inks, where I finished a lot of the drawing that I left unfinished in the pencils. More fun that way sometimes. The autobot symbol I left there so I could grab it and use it in the coloring stage.

Finished colors, showing the art as it was sent off to use in print. It was on a transparent background to make life easier for the magazine layout designer.

And here is the video found on the EWG YouTube channel! If you enjoy this video be sure to check out the many others on our channel. Everything from demos of professionally getting work done on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to recorded EWG events, and more start-to-finish art videos. Enjoy!

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